Burton Lifty Glove

Burton Lifty Glove

Nail workwear style in this team favorite warm-weather glove. The Burton Lifty Glove is dedicated to the unappreciated sweepers of runaway ramp carnage. Overachievers of off-hours powder turns. Seasonal survivors of stale pizzas and vitamins P, B, and R. Creepers of hot Swedes in spandex. Fluent in four languages, one phrase: “Tips up!!” Ambassadors of all-day comfort. And your ultimate ticket to max shred style on minimal wages. High-five a Lifty today and wrap your hands in rugged, fleece-lined leather for hardworking performance.


  • Work Wear Leather Shell
  • Palm Fleece Lining
  • Stretchy powder cuffs

Burton Lifty Glove


Nail work wear style in this team favorite warm-weather glove.

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