Burton Merino Phase Womens- Coral

Burton Wms Merino Phase Sock- Coral

Give your feet an unfair advantage with the smartest sock in snowboarding.

Built with discarded space ship technology, the lightweight Burton Merino Phase Sock is a blend of the most advanced features and materials known to sock science. High-tech fibers include super insulating Merino Wool, stretchy spandex, plus NanoGLIDE™ which ramps up abrasion-resistance while eliminating friction to prevent overheating and sweating. DRYRIDE Ultrawick™ Venting Toe Panels are like the dual overhead cams of socks, wicking away heat-robbing moisture at warp speed. Going one step further, the sock is also engineered with anatomical padding and an ergonomic MotionFit, which our lab rats tell us, will allow you to carve quicker, ollie higher, and hike like your living in fast forward.



40% Nylon, 28% Merino Wool, 12% NanoGLIDE™, 11% Acrylic, 7% Polypropylene, 2% Spandex

Burton Wms Merino Phase Sock- Coral


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