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Rome Marshal 2019 Snowboard




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Rome Marshal 2019 Snowboard

The Rome Marshal All-terrain snowboard gets a technical blend of freestyle flexibility and all mountain power, letting you lap powder in the mornings, lap park in the afternoons and everything in between! High-end all-mountain freestyle riders demand the ability to responsively jump from one type of shred to another. One might run focus on riding fast and fully powered. Another run might slow down for side hits, natural step downs and a lap through the park. And of course on those days that it dumps, a full day might be spent entering deep white rooms. For some all-mountain freestyle riders, they want a board that leans towards the more flexible side of things, while still being armed with poppy responsiveness. The Marshal delivers for these types of riders through the blend of our flat contact camber, unique sidecut geometry and tubes of carbon integrated into the core.

Product Features

  • SuperPop Core Matrix
  • 45/90 Hybrid Laminate
  • TurboRods: Carbon Double Barrel
  • SinterStrong Sidewalls
  • FiveGnar Sidecut
  • SinterSpeed Base
  • Glasspack Impact Plates


100% flat through the running length to give both pop and pressability