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Anon M3 Black/Perceive Sun Red

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The Anon M3 Black/Perceive Sun Red feature MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change technology, using powerful magnets to make lens changes easier than ever. A low-profile cylindrical lens offers a wide field of view, while terrain-defining PERCEIVE optics enhance contrast for a clear read on every feature, no matter the light. Full-perimeter vents plus moisture-wicking face foam provide fog-free clarity to anticipate every turn. They are MFI® compatible for seamless face mask coverage and over the glasses compatible for wear with eyeglasses. They include a bonus PERCEIVE lens for cloudy conditions plus a microfiber bag for storage and lens cleaning.

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Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Frame

Frame Size



MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change technology, PERCEIVE lens provides high-contrast vision and terrain defining clarity in just about any light condition


Triple layer face foam

Anti Fog

Integral Clarity Technology, Outlast® Fog Management Face Fleece


Full perimeter channel venting


Non-slip silicone strap



Spare Lens

Perceive Cloudy Burst

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