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Burton Chicklet 2017 Snowboard


$299.95 $236.96


The Burton Chicklet 2017 is the ticket for girls who want to start snowboarding and quickly learn the basics. What makes it so perfect is the beginner-friendly combo of a catch-free convex base and the softest flex possible so that even the lightest weight riders can master turning and stopping. No camber or rocker here, just a flat profile from nose to tail that’s extra stable for better balance and board control. Attach the Riglet accessory to the nose or tail of the 80-120cm sizes to tow her around and get her comfortable until she’s ready to rock bindings.


Intended Use: All Mountain
Base: Extruded
Bend: Flat Top
Shape: Twin 
Personality: Soft
Waist Width: 232mm
Core Construction: Wood, Biax Fibreglass
Mounting: 3 Hole
Skill Range:  2. Beginner
Model Year: 2017