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Marker Duke PT 12 Black Gunmetal Binding




The Marker Duke PT 12 Black Gunmetal Binding combines the performance of a Squire with comfortable uphill properties of a pin binding. An absolute highlight is the innovative Ride & Hike toe. For walking mode the upper part is simply unlocked and tilted forward, uncovering the pin binding. To save swing weight the upper jaw part can be taken off and stored in the backpack. The multi functional Lock & Walk unit automatically locks the brakes and provides a 10° climbing aid. For downhill mode the front jaw section is clicked back onto the base plate being quadruple secured by the Auto Quad Lock technology. Now the toe piece works just like an alpine toe with all of its advantages! The heel is the latest generation of lightweight Hollow Linkage heels. The low height of 24 mm allows for direct power transmission and fast edge changes. Thanks to Sole.ID all Duke PT are compatible to alpine, touring and GripWalk boots.

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Hardcore Freeride Ride & Hike



Boot Type

Adult, standard Alpine GripWalk Adult, Touring Boots

Skiers Weight

Toe System

Ride & Hike

Step-in Heel

Hollow Linkage 2

Heel adjustment range


Walking Modes

0°, 10°

AFD Gliding Plate

Stainless steel

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