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POC Fornix White

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POC Fornix White

The POC Fornix White helmet provides ultimate protection in a lightweight and well-ventilated construction. POC has used the Aramid bridge concept, initially developed for the ground breaking Trabec trail helmet and optimized it for the Fornix structure. By applying Aramid in strings and molding them together with the foam liner, the helmet is kept lightweight but at the same time offers increased stability and protection and provides better energy absorption. The ventilation system is built on 6 vents at the top using a sliding plate for easy opening/ closing, as well as front and rear vents in order to allow air to easily flow through the construction. The front of the helmet is designed not only to seamlessly integrate with your goggles, but also to prevent your goggles from fogging. Vertical vents that channel the air downwards achieve this. The Fornix helmet is equipped with a turn-ring size adjustment system so you can dial it in to achieve that perfect fit.

  • Adjustable top ventilation
  • Front Vents: allowing airflow through the helmet and prevents fogging goggles
  • Goggle Clip
  • Size Adjustment System
  • Rear Ventilation


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 cm