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The Salomon MTN Carbon S3 Poles Black/Yellow is a freeride ski pole made of 100% carbon for a stiff and lightweight feel. Adjust the length of the pole depending on your height to get the best fit. Its basket is bigger so that it can take on changing terrain and its tip is capable of gripping onto hard and soft snow alike. Worried about your skis causing damage? The lower end of the shaft is reinforced with Kevlar so that even the wildest of skiers don’t have to worry about taking the wrong type of hit. Straps auto-release in case of an accident, and the grip’s S3 design makes it comfortable all day long.

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S3 Rubber and foam grip – A bi-material grip combining rubber and foam with integrated S3 safety technology.

Additional foam extension


Articulated backside basket – A big basket that moves around the shaft to adapt to the angle of contact with the snow.


Carbon/widia tip – Premium tip for ice and hard snow

Easy lock system


Kevlar Reinforcement

Kevlar reinforcement of the lower part of the shaft to protect it from the sharp edges of the ski.