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Sun emoji, dry out your gear to care for it.

Step One: Daily Care

Each day you get off the snow and return to the lodge, air dry your outerwear. Hang it up somewhere (your hotel room is totally fine) and let it dry out; this will extend the life of the materials and stop them from smelling bad. Make sure not to place your gear too close to a heater, as this can damage the materials.

Water emoji, wash your gear to care for it.

Step Two: Washing Your Gear

Washing your gear is vital in extending its life. I recommend washing your garments each season, but you can wash them more regularly if you want. Always check the garment’s care instructions. 

Make sure to use a membrane-safe detergent like Granger’s Performance Wash. Regular laundry detergents are too thick and will damage the membrane. Use a warm (30-40 degrees Celsius) cycle to wash your gear, and don’t set the spins too high. 

Fire emoji, dry your gear to care for it.

Step Three: Drying Your Garments

After you’ve washed your gear, you’ll need to dry it. Air-drying your garments is fine, and their DWR will freshen up. However, placing your gear on a gentle dryer cycle helps to invigorate the waterproofing. Don’t set the dryer too hot, or you may cause damage.

Water pistol emoji, spray your jacket with waterproofing to take care of it.

Step Four: Spraying Your Gear

Using a product like Granger’s Performance Repel Spray can be useful in bettering the performance of your garment over time. Check the instructions for the spray you’re using.

Basket emoji, store your gear effectively to care for it.

Step Five: Storage

Cramming your ski gear into the back of the closet makes sense because you won’t be using it for another six months. However, this will damage it.

Hang it up and allow it to breathe. Otherwise, the insulation will be compressed. This will cause the air pockets in the insulation to disappear, leaving you cold next season. Also, ensure it is 100% dry before you do this. Otherwise, it might get mouldy (yuck).

Why care for your ski gear?

Ski gear is expensive, so you want to take care of it. Following the garment’s care instructions can significantly extend the life of your jacket and pants so that you can use them for many seasons. Re-applying waterproofing also increases the jacket’s performance.