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How to buy ski boots

By Harry – 2 minute read

Your ski boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your kit. Boots are the only piece of equipment that physically connects you to the snow, so they significantly influence your riding ability, performance, and comfort. Before we go further with this buyer’s guide, we should mention that the internet is the world’s worst boot fitter. Online reviews, recommendations and popular brands don’t consider your foot shape or anatomy. Therefore, we always recommend seeing an experienced boot fitter in person and trying a few options.

With that in mind, these are the factors that we consider when choosing a ski boot for you and what you can expect when you see one of our trained boot fitters. 

Measurements we will take


The first step in any boot fit is measuring the foot. The foot length determines the Ski Boot size, commonly denoted in centimetres. This is called Mondo sizing. Unlike regular shoes, when jumping into a ski boot, your toes are expected to touch the front of the boot at first. If your toes touch the front when you stand up straight and move back when you flex forward in the boots, you’re in the correct size.


The foot’s width is measured in millimetres across the forefoot. We take this measurement into account to put you in a narrow, medium, wide, or ultra-wide boot. Your forefoot should feel snug but not crushed in your ski boots.


The last measurement we take is the volume of your foot, which considers how much space your arch and instep take up in the boot and classifies your foot as either low, medium, or high volume. This helps the boot fitter determine which models will best fit your feet.

Your flexibility and biomechanics

Tests on your arch and ankle flexibility determine how your foot and lower leg will move and interact with the boot as you flex forward. Biomechanics play a considerable role in establishing what stiffness of boot is appropriate for you and how a custom footbed can help stabilise your foot.

Custom Footbeds

A custom footbed is a supportive cast of your foot, designed to stabilize your bone structure and contact points without making any corrective adjustments to your stance. We make a custom footbed by taking a mould of your foot in the neutral position on vacuumed silicone bags. Footbeds are the bedrock of a ski boot fit, as without proper support, your foot will roll and splay out in the boot, causing unwanted pressure at many points.

This brief introduction is part of what you can expect when seeing one of our trained boot fitters. It’s essential to take your time with a boot fit and trust the process to ensure you get a great fit that will last you many days on the hill. You can book a time with one of our specialists here