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By Anon

Anon M4S Cylindrical Elderberry Perceive Sunny Onyx + Perceive Variable Violet


The Anon M4S Cylindrical in Elderberry with Perceive Sunny Onyx + Perceive Variable Violet lenses is the pinnacle of performance and style in snowsports eyewear. 

Designed for the discerning winter enthusiast, these goggles combine cutting-edge technology with unmatched comfort. Featuring a sleek cylindrical lens design, the M4S offers an expanded field of vision and distortion-free clarity, ensuring you never miss a moment on the slopes. Its innovative Magna-Tech quick lens change system enables effortless swapping of lenses to adapt to changing light conditions, while the Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) seals out the elements for enhanced comfort. 

With Anon's industry-leading Perceive lens technology, anti-fog capabilities and a customisable fit, the M4S Cylindrical Goggle sets a new standard in performance, keeping you focused on the adventure ahead, no matter the weather. The 'S' is for small, making this goggle the perfect fit for those with a smaller face frame.

Why you'll love it

Lens Shape


Main Lens

Perceive Sunny Onyx - VLT 6%

Secondary Lens

Perceive Variable Violet - VLT 34%

Additional Details

Multi-layer face foam

Full-perimeter ventilation


Over-the-glasses design

Magnetic Facemask Integration

Magna-Tech® lens integration

Covered by Anon's one year warranty