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By Anon

Anon Windham WaveCel Helmet Black


The Anon Windham WaveCel Helmet in Black is where style meets safety in a wave of innovation. Ride the crest of confidence with this cutting-edge technology.

This helmet combines state-of-the-art WaveCel technology with Anon's WaveCel renowned design expertise to provide you with unmatched protection and comfort. WaveCel technology employs a revolutionary cellular structure that absorbs and disperses impact forces, significantly reducing the risk of head injuries. 

The Windham WaveCel Helmet's sleek, aerodynamic design ensures maximum airflow for optimal temperature regulation, while its customisable fit system guarantees a snug and secure fit. Whether you're tearing down the slopes or cruising through the trees, the Anon Windham WaveCel Helmet is your ultimate companion, offering the confidence and peace of mind you need to pursue your outdoor adventures to the fullest.