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By G3

G3 Alpinist+ Universal 130mm


The G3 Alpinist+ Universal Skin 130mm is the ski skin made for any location and all conditions. 

The universal nylon plush material is durable and versatile offering the optimal balance of grip, glide and weight. A skin covering the full base of a ski adds unnecessary weight and drag, when most of the grip comes from under the binding area. So, the G3 Aplinist+ Universal Skin saves weight without adversely affecting grip by not having the skin the whole way from tip to tail. 

The tail strap provides up to 16cm of length adjustment and the camming clip grips to the tail. A non-toxic adhesive formula provides grip for skinning uphill and is effective down to -30°c. This ski also comes with a G3 trim tool for cutting the skins to size and covers up to 130mm width skis. 

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