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Black Crows Meta Pole Red


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If your poles don't match your skis, you're doing something wrong

The Black Crows Meta Pole Red is a colourful pole that can be used for everything, everywhere. Made from a 5083 aluminium alloy, these lightweight and durable poles are the perfect addition for any steezy skier. With an ultra-precise rubber grip, a 90mm flexible basket and an adjustable strap, the Meta Pole is a dependable, experience-enhancing stick for every skier. 

The Black Crows Meta Pole comes in various colours that match Black Crows Skis. If you've picked up a pair of their skis, you've got to get the matching pole. 

Why you'll love it


240g per pole @ 120cm


Aluminium alloy 5083



Additional Details

90mm flexible basket

Covered by Black Crows' two year warranty